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Network Printer Coverage

ZenPrint from SAW.IT

Despite going paperless, businesses still heavily rely upon network printers and copiers on a daily basis. Network printers often produce the most support incidents and user frustration because they are not managed by IT service providers.

With ZenPrint from Server At Work, we fully manage network printers and copiers to ensure they are working properly. We monitor your network printing and automatically ship replacement toners and drums before they run out. If there is a hardware issue, we provide on-site service, parts, and repairs -- all for an affordable monthly price.

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HP Toner

Toner & Consumable Shipping

SAW monitors network printers and copiers for toner levels. When a printer toner is at 10% remaining, we automatically ship you a replacement toner so you are ready to go when the toner runs out.

Stop ordering and storing toners you don't need. Use that storeroom for something else.

Printer Repairs

Stop Destroying Printers

Businesses often throw away printers and copiers when they stop working because it is difficult to get qualified technicians to reliably repair them and the cost of repairs often exceeds the replacement cost of the printer. Not only is this bad for the environment, but this practice often has hidden costs when having to deploy a new printing device on your network.

ZenPrint covers printer hardware service, parts, and repairs to get your network printer and copier back online and working properly without having to throw it into the dumpster.

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Printer Repairs
Printer Lease
Super bright colors
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Printer & Copier Hardware

Get New Printers & Copiers

ZenPrint covers your existing network printers and copiers, but we can also provide new printers and copiers if you need replacements for no up-front cost.

Server At Work printing hardware is enterprise-grade and is highly affordable. Get all the services and features of ZenPrint, without having to buy printers and copiers.

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