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3CX Enterprise VoIP

Silver 3cx Partner with Over 10 Years Experience

No "ship and forget" phone systems or self-installs with the 3CX managed phone system from Server At Work. You pay for IT support because you want IT support -- not so you can be your own phone system installer.

With Talk@Work from Server At Work, we setup and build your own custom VoIP phone system, then we install it for you so you receive a professionally installed and flawlessly working IP phone system the first time.

Server At Work is a certified Silver Partner with 3CX with over 10 years of 3CX design and deployment experience.

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Custom VoIP Deployments

Custom deployed cloud and on-premise VoIP phone systems from Server At Work take advantage of all the integrations and technologies you have at your fingertips. We deploy desk phones, smartphones, iPhone and Android applications, web applications, and Windows applications to help you make and receive phone call wherever you work. We simplify the installation so you work seamlessly in your work environment.

Reduce Phone Bills

Upgrade Phone Features

Reduce phone bills by 40% or more while taking advantage of the most resilient enterprise-grade phone system features available with the Talk@Work 3CX phone system from SAW.IT.

Server At Work is a leader in providing Voice over IP phone systems and support. You will not be forgotten once we deploy your phone system. Our support team is a call away for ongoing phone system change management and technical support.

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IP Phones Included

Turnkey VoIP Phone Systems

Upgrade to the latest in IP phone technology with included Talk@Work IP phones from Yealink, Grandstream, Snom, and Cisco.

Replicate all the features you like from your old phone system, and add new ones such as advanced call routing, find-me / follow-me, voicemail to email, digital receptionists, time-based menus, and more.

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