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Managed Cybersecurity

Incident Protection

To protect from cybersecurity incidents, it is no longer enough to have a network firewall and anti-virus software. Cybersecurity threats evolve daily and you need dedicated cybersecurity professionals to watch over your computers, network, Internet traffic, and email.

Server At Work has a cybersecurity team to manage the security of your technology and data, and to directly assist in the event of a security incident.

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Email Phishing

Email Phishing & Email Protection

It is better to get "caught" by our security team in a testing phishing campaign than it is to get hooked in real life by the bad guys. Our security experts craft phishing campaigns designed to look like the real thing, and we run them against your employees to keep people on their toes and to help them learn from their mistakes if they are caught.

As an extra layer of security, Server At Work also provides email add-on security to scan email for phishing and ransomware before it is delivered to your inbox.

Data Protection

Secure Off-Site Backups

A primary concern of cybersecurity management is to protect business and personal data. SAW incorporates data management into our multi-layered cybersecurity protocols by performing and monitoring secure off-site data backups.

Our backup systems are designed to be resilient and are able to restore data and servers on-site or off-site to geo-dispersed clouds as needed following a data incident.

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Data Backup
Cybersecurity monitoring
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Computer Protection

Monitored Anti-Virus

Server At Work uses the latest AI-based anti-virus solutions deployed on servers, desktops, laptops, and network devices to protect your technology assets.

Security engineers in our Network Operations Center monitor device security and respond proactively to security incidents.

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