Virtual Desktop
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Virtual Desktops

Citrix Workspaces

Work from anywhere on any device with Citrix Workspaces and turnkey virtual desktops deployed from the Citrix Cloud.

Server At Work engineers create custom workspaces designed specifically for your applications and workflows. We deploy your custom solution then monitor and manage it for you as your dedicated IT support.

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Microsoft 365 Devices

Microsoft 365 Workspaces

Enable employees to access files and Microsoft 365 applications from managed company devices with Server At Work designed Microsoft 365 environments.

Our engineers are Microsoft 365 certified to provide you with secure Office 365 deployments designed to help your team collaborate and work from anywhere.

Microsoft Remote Desktops

Hybrid Solutions

Remote Desktop Services provide virtual desktops and managed application environments to multi-office organizations and businesses seeking greater control of business data.

Speed the deployment and control of software applications to remote workers while keeping control of sensitive information.

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Remote Desktop Workspace
Microsoft Azure Laptop
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Microsoft Azure

Custom Cloud Servers

Stop buying server hardware and take advantage of secure servers on-demand in the Microsoft cloud. Migrate away from old server hardware without the up-front cost and expense of maintaining a legacy server environment.

Server At Work engineers create custom Microsoft Azure server environments and migrate data and applications while keeping your business online. SAW administrators manage Azure environments just like your old legacy on-premise servers.

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