IT Support
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IT Support

Technical Support Desk

Our support model is built upon proactive IT management and computer monitoring. But even with all your technology protected and monitored, support issues will arise. Anytime you need us, our live support desk will use cutting-edge remote monitoring and support tools to quickly resolve your technical support issues.

Our engineers are fast, professional, and dedicated to getting you back to work.

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IT System Administration

System Administration

All our clients enjoy a personal relationship with a permanently assigned System Administrator. Our Sys Admins learn your business, your network, your software, and they get to know you.

Your System Administrator will directly manage your complete IT environment as if it were their own. They will employ our Server At Work IT best practices and standards to ensure you are operating securely and at your best.

Network Administration

Secure Networks

The backbone of your technology is your computer network, and this is often neglected and not fully understood by your IT support. Server At Work network engineers employ IT best practices to secure and segregate networks and ensure they are operating as quickly and reliably as possible to boost your productivity and up-time.

Get the most speed from your wireless network while ensuring it is secure and free from snooping and bad actors.

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Network Cabling
iPhone Management
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IT Projects

Hardware Provisioning

Get the computer, server, network, printer, and smartphone hardware you need shipped or delivered right to your desk and ready to use out of the box.

The SAW hardware team creates custom images for your technology deployments. We can also repair most any computer, laptop, printer, server, or piece of network equipment we encounter.

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