Expand your business with virtual desktops.

Growing a business and expanding business operations often means adding new employees, computer hardware, and investments in network infrastructure and servers. This is the way businesses have grown over the past 40 years since computers arrived in business.

But now that companies are growing more comfortable with software through web browsers and over the Internet, it is no longer a foreign concept to migrate local server applications and data into the cloud and shutting down the local server room.

When performed by a certified Citrix Service Provider, the migration of servers and data into the cloud results in a custom private cloud network of servers which your company accesses through virtual desktops.  The virtual desktops look and behave just like your local computer, but with the advantage of incredible mobility and the ability to scale in an instant.

Moving to virtual desktops gives your organization its own dedicated server and desktop environment, in a private cloud, that requires no server hardware investment.

Move Applications and Servers into the Cloud

Migrating servers and applications into the cloud can range from an entire lift of your local network infrastructure to a precision migration of a single business application.  The size and scope of a deployment of servers and applications in the cloud depends upon the business requirements you must meet.

Factors that impact the scope of a cloud deployment include:

  • Server Upgrades
    Continuing to upgrade and invest in on-premise servers restricts growth of businesses by locking resources into a local environment.  Cloud servers allow for businesses to easily scale for growth or to allow existing employees more options for remote and home work capabilities.
  • Remote Offices
    Keeping remote offices and workers connected to central servers and applications can be a challenge for expanding organizations.  Providing a centralized server environment with virtual desktops allows everyone in the organization to work from common applications and servers.
  • Cybersecurity Concerns
    It may sound counter-intuitive, but cloud computing and virtual cloud servers are actually more secure than most business on-premise servers. Because your local network is connected to the Internet, you are a security risk no matter where your servers reside. Virtual servers and data hosted in private clouds, like with Server@Work, are more strictly managed, monitored, and maintained by full-time network administrators and security professionals who spend all their time and effort protecting network services.
  • Compliance Requirements
    Meeting compliance requirements, like HIPAA and FINRA, is made more difficult when Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is distributed among off-site and mobile assets.  Providing a unified remote desktop environment where employees login to access data reduces the security footprint organizations must protect and helps with Data Loss Protection (DLP).

Secure Virtual Desktop Hosting

SOC 2 compliant desktop hostingServer At Work implements the highest standards and security measures when providing custom virtual desktops and virtual servers for clients. We follow the security guidelines recommended by the NIST and we undergo an annual AICPA SOC 2 audit to review and certify our compliance with HIPAA and FINRA security regulations.

All of our virtualization solutions feature dedicated servers for each client.  For security purposes, we segregate all client applications and data to ensure compliance with highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial management, and other professional services.

What Industries are using Server@Work's Virtual Desktops?

Healthcare Virtual Desktops

Medical service providers must comply with strict HIPAA compliance for patient data protection. Virtual desktops provide a centralized security environment to deploy applications and data.

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Finance Virtual Desktops

Financial institutions must comply with strict FINRA and SEC regulations to protect financial data. Compliance couldn't be easier with virtual desktops.

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Business Virtual Desktops

All organizations must protect company resources and client data while trying to grow their business. Virtual desktops make scaling economical and quick.

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Citrix desktop

Interested in fast secure virtual desktops?

Server At Work is a SOC 2 compliant Citrix Service Provider.  Have a chat with one of our engineers to see if a virtual desktop environment is right for your organization.