TeleMedicine: Efficient and Convenient Healthcare

Today's medical technology enables healthcare providers to practice telemedicine, which adds new convenience and options to the healthcare experience. Patients may schedule appointments on a provider's website and participate in remote appointments using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. In situations where an in-office visit is necessary, temperature-sensing thermal cameras and technology that is infection resistant increase the safety of the patient's visit to a provider facility.

Telehealth will be the new normal going forward in our industry.

Broussard Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Med Tech Solutions

  • HIPAA-compliant IT services provider
  • Healthcare grade desktops, kiosks, battery-powered carts with point-of-care devices
  • Temperature-scanning thermal cameras
  • SOC 2-compliant virtual desktops and cloud services
  • Facility-wide networking and secure WiFi
  • Cybersecurity auditing and risk assessments

Enhance your focus on patient care with our medical technology solutions.

Using a SOC 2 Compliant IT Provider Matters

Your organization is required to meet HIPAA security guidelines, but is your IT provider also meeting those requirements?  Server At Work undergoes a rigorous annual external SOC 2 audit to verify our security and IT management protocols. While any technology company may say they are HIPAA compliant and even sign your Business Associate Agreement, few IT companies ensure their claim with an SOC audit. 

Healthcare Technology Spotlight

Pioneer Medical Grade Computing

Upgrade your infection control efforts by escalating the anti-microbial properties of your computer equipment.  Most business-class computer equipment fails to meet infection prevention protocols.  Consult Server At Work's healthcare IT team for a site survey to assess your computer environment.

Computing for Infection Control

  • Built-in anti-microbial materials (no spray on needed)
  • Infection-control peripherals: dust-proof/liquid-proof keyboards and mice, and spill-proof monitors
  • Cordless medical carts powered by battery pack and charging stations
  • Healthcare-grade kiosks and point-of-care solutions
Mobile Medical Cart

Temperature Screening Systems

Some care situations require patients to enter a medical facility. Thermal temperature-sensing camera solutions from Server@Work allow visitors to safely enter your facility by accurately sensing their temperatures from a distance of up to twenty-three (23) feet.

Thermal Camera Benefits

  • Mix long-range bullet cameras with short-range hand-held temperature sensing cameras
  • Monitor temperatures from Windows computers, iOS devices, and Android devices with free camera software
  • Detect temperatures within 0.9° F without expensive, painful blackbody calibrators
  • Complement existing camera systems without NVR
Temperature Screening
Healthcare Kiosk

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