Disaster Recovery planning

Do you have a planned and tested disaster recovery plan?

A successful disaster recovery is more than a server backup or remote login to an office computer. Business continuity planning involves your entire company with your IT resources as the engine to keep your business running during a disruption.

Server At Work uses business resources and enterprise IT experts to identify and prioritize your business systems needed for recovery. We establish plans for recovery then implement and continually test the disaster recovery plan through execution -- when needed.

Disaster Recovery Planning

vCIO Planning Support

Map business processes and critical services with a Virtual CIO who understands business worfkows.

Managed Cloud Services

Work with IT engineers who specialize in building and supporting enterprise cloud solutions including virtual servers and virtual desktops.

Off-site Secure Backups

Full-time centralized services engineers manage and test off-site backups and quickly respond to disasters.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Remote support is available 24 x 7 x 365 to help your organization stay running before, during, and after a business disruption.

Get Back Work

Disaster Recovery Services

vCIO Guidance

IT experts and executives who understand using technology as a lever for your business will create your disaster recovery plan.

Data Migration

Move data and services from local servers into a secure private cloud infrastructure to get back online fast.

Business Focus

Focus on your business and operations while seasoned professionals handle your IT systems failovers according to tested plans.

Computer Hardware

Replace and repair damaged or lost computer equipment quickly without compromising quality or price.

Data Security

Shield your systems behind our cutting-edge data security systems and rely upon the protection of our dedicated Security Operations Center.

Virtual Desktops

Restore servers and business operations onto managed virtual servers and run applications with custom Citrix virtual desktops.