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What do your cybersecurity conversations sound like?

While the biggest threat to your business is the loss of data and the harm to your reputation, few technology providers have the qualified staff and experience to properly manage business cybersecurity.  Data security is the most important thing we do at Server At Work, and we back it up with a dedicated security team.  Our people look at your data protection from an internal and external threat perspective and we deploy security measures to minimize the chances of a cybersecurity event.

We also help you to understand the data security laws and regulations enforced in your industry and to take measures to meet your data security requirements.


Data security from the Server At Work team

Anti-virus Monitoring

Suspicious activity is reported and reviewed real-time by our security personnel.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Roll-up network activity and server logs into a centralized system that monitors activity for odd behaviors and reports them to our team.

Layered Security

Server@Work deploys a multi-layered defense to breakdown attacks before they occur. We deploy active and passive protection measures.

Employee Protection

The greatest threat to your data security is your own employees. We help your users make good decisions and work to stop the bad ones.

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Data Protection Tools

Disk Encryption

Disk encryption protects drives and data in the event of a lost or stolen computer or mobile device.

Web Filtering

Manage Internet browsing to prevent malicious websites as well as to comply with company and industry regulations.

Firewalls & IPS

Not all firewalls protect well and even the best firewalls need proactive management and updates.

Anti-Virus Management

Not all anti-virus is created equal and most providers don't actively monitor it. Our security team lives in your anti-virus.

Phishing Testing

Employee email is the primary entry point for malicious software. We devise phishing tests then run them against your employees for training and compliance.

Mobile Device Management

Company and employee mobile devices are often the least managed and protected devices with access to your data. Server At Work MDM protects your data.