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No two jobs are the same, and neither are the construction companies and tradesmen who craft and complete them. For too long construction and industrial firms have been neglected in the software industry, but with workflow automation and integration capabilities making their way into the project management market, companies of all shapes and sizes are able to adapt software to match business processes.

Solutions for your Project Management Challenges

  • Field operations technology management
  • Hardware-as-a-service computer equipment
  • Remote virtual desktops and applications
  • Documentation and imaging systems
  • Custom application development

Automate processes to send information from the field to the home office more quickly.

Using a SOC 2 Compliant IT Company Matters

Your clients share their financial and business data with you, trusting you to follow responsible business practices. By extension, the IT company you rely on also should be trustworthy. Server At Work is a SOC 2 audited company with annual reports attesting to our adherence to IT management and cybersecurity compliance standards and practices. We take extreme pride and measures in protecting your business and its assets.

Construction & Industrial Technology Spotlight

Remote Computing Solutions

Keep field workers, home office users, salespersons, and remote employees on the same page with secure cloud-based virtual desktops and applications.  Since 2003, Server@Work has virtualized and delivered secure data and applications to remote workers using Windows, Mac, iPads, and Android devices.

Virtual Application Benefits

  • Employees work within the same set of applications
  • Simple deployment of remote connection programs
  • Highly secure deployment with centralized data control

Custom Software Development

Unlike other mainstream industries, Construction and Industrial trades sometimes have difficulty finding the right software to do a job.  Server At Work helps by integrating current systems with third-party applications or working with software development to create a custom program for you.

Custom Software Benefits

  • Control the processes for your application
  • Gain advantage over your competition
  • Bring unique value to employees and customers
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