Have You Seen DropTask?

By Server@Work - January 21, 2015

If you are in a position where you work with or manage a team you may find that getting everyone updated and on the same page can be time consuming.  Workarounds include email, maintaining Excel workbooks, or using Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate.  All of these have merit if the team size is small and in close contact.  Larger organizations with more resources invest in Microsoft Project Server which is a great way to organize and budget projects.  We have used all of these and find that teams with non-technical personnel or are sized between these options may feel left out of the project management software mix.

For those folks we have a recommendation -- DropTask.  DropTask is a visual and extremely easy to use web-based project management system.  Their website is very informative and you can setup a free trial to kick the tires.

For more information visit www.droptask.com.

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