Dedicated Managed Service Providers Focus Only on IT Business Support

By Micheal Goodwin - February 20, 2018

Delivering IT computer support to businesses is a full-time job but many IT companies do not devote their full attention to their business clients. Most IT support companies continue to provide technical support the same way they have for dozens of years by using the "Break/Fix" support model. But with the growing complexity of business technology, cloud services, and cyber security concerns, IT businesses are being forced to make a choice between residential "Break/Fix" support and the more specialized and technical business support.

If you have been in business for many years, you probably grew up with a "Break/Fix" IT company. Back then, you had no other options and may not have needed any. If you had to wait a day or more for a computer repair or to recover from a server crash, it MAY have been OK. And if it wasn't, your only other option was to go in-house.



Over the past ten years, some companies have started offering "Hybrid Break/Fix". These companies offer "Break/Fix" to residential customers and businesses who do not want to go to Managed Service. They also offer "Managed Service" to business customers wanting a more active role by IT managing their technology. But there is a problem . . . these IT companies are offering three different types of IT support to three different types of customers but using the same set of personnel and resources. While they may intend to silo their personnel between the three different lines of business, like any company, when they get busy or need to shore up profits these lines blur and the dedicated business support gets siphoned of resources. The end result is that businesses looking for dedicated IT business support don't get the 100% focus they were counting on.

A true Managed Service Provider does one thing -- support businesses with dedicated IT management.

The job requires too much focus to provide technical support and computer services any other way.

A Managed Service Provider is a team of IT professionals organized into teams which specialize in the various technologies and services needed to fully support a business.

At Server@Work, each one of our managed business clients gets an assigned Systems Administrator. The "Sys Admin" knows your business like they would if you directly employed them. They manage your infrastructure, network, Internet, servers, computers, and business applications. They are your trusted technology adviser and their job is to make sure your technology investments align with your business goals.

We recognize it takes a village to support your business so the Sys Admin is backed up and supported by many teams including:

  • Live Support Desk
  • Cyber Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • User Accounts Management
  • Hardware and Software Project Support
  • On-Site Support Services
  • Virtual CIO

Any Business Will Benefit from a MSP

Which business would not benefit from having their own IT Department? Having a team of technology experts to ensure your business is implementing IT Best Practices will increase the efficiency of your employees and the productivity of your business. An IT Department would be there to provide technology advise that works for YOUR BUSINESS and not for a third parties bottom-line. Most any business would say "Sounds great but the investment in people and resources is out of our budget". But an IT support company focused solely as a Managed Service Provider is built like an IT Department and businesses of varying sizes get to benefit from its time.

A large MSP has sufficiently organized to provide all the services its clients needs and is able to grow at scale as it on-boards new businesses. Clients are billed a fixed monthly rate based upon the number of workstations and/or users supported as well as the number of servers and other technology factors. Quoting is simple and can be done for a business with as few as five computers and as many as hundreds.

Your Best Technology Management Option

For a free quote on what it would take to get 24 x 7 IT management and support for your business, give Server@Work a call at our Lake Charles, La office at (337) 313-2400. With remote support and on-site services through Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and other states, we are here to support your business.

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